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A concept-to-prototype Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer

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Streamlining the 
future of Aerospace

Hyphen takes a new path to accelerate aerospace technology by using low-cost design, testing, and manufacturing processes.

Our core competencies in these areas are listed below:


o Turbine Engine Structural Integrity

o Structural Designing

o Inherent Vibration Suppression          Design/Manufacturing


o Accelerated material testing

o Component Lifing via

   Novel Testing

o Accelerate Models


o Low-Cost Metal FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

o LPBF (Laser Powder Bed Fusion)

o Advanced Alloys for Powder              Metallurgy

o Additive Repair via DED (Directed Energy Deposition)

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Inherent Damping via Additive Manufacturing Process

Hyphen innovations also has exclusive rights to the i-DAMP manufacturing process, which is a patented method that makes use of powder metallurgy interaction to suppress up to 95% of vibrations when a part is operating. Such vibration suppression is not attainable using conventional manufacturing and design processes. Exclusive rights to i-DAMP allows Hyphen Innovations to use affordable and high-throughput manufacturing processes (i.e., Lean Manufacturing) to make components that are reliable.

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