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A Concept-to-Prototype Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer

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Shaping Tomorrow's Aerospace, Today.

Hyphen speeds up aerospace technology with innovative design, testing, and manufacturing.


Our core competencies in these areas are listed below:

Testing Capabilities

  • ASTM E466, E8, and D2000 Standard Testing.

  • Accelerated Fatigue Testing and Analysis.

  • Low-Cost Turbine Engine Testing.

Engineering Services

  • Vibration Mitigation. 

  • Structural Integrity Assessment. 

  • Metal Additive Manufacturing.

Research & Development

  • Hybrid Turbine Engine. 

  • Turbine Blade Repair and Enhancement. 

  • Vibration and Damage Resistant Parts

Learn Mor

Inherent Damping via Additive Manufacturing Process

  1. Exclusive Technology: Hyphen has sole access to the i-DAMP process.

  2. Vibration Reduction: Reduces up to 95% of vibrations in parts during operation.

  3. Efficient Production: Uses streamlined manufacturing for cost-effective, reliable components.

Why Choose Hyphen Innovations? For unparalleled expertise in vibration suppression and efficient manufacturing.

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